How Yoga Heals — Find Your Middle Ground

This is a re-post for those of you who are interested in exploring yoga for your health and wellbeing. oooOOooo Thanks to Nancy over at Spirit Lights the Way for sparking some yoga inspiration! I take a therapeutic approach to my Yoga teaching; focusing on body awareness, mindfulness and the breath. To me its more […]Continue reading “How Yoga Heals — Find Your Middle Ground”

About Letting it Go — The Written Addiction

Do you remember the first time you were really hurt? Do you remember the first time you fell off your bicycle and skinned your knee and then felt the sting after Mom sprayed something on it to keep the scrape from being infected? Did you ever fall or break a bone or do something so […]Continue reading “About Letting it Go — The Written Addiction”

Google Launches Recovery Website

Google is launching a new website it’s calling “Recover Together” that collates resources for addiction recovery in the United States. The site includes Google Maps-based search for resources like recovery support meetings and pharmacies that offer Naloxone without a prescription — it’s a drug that can be used to counteract opioid overdoses. The new siteContinue reading “Google Launches Recovery Website”

Call Change your Direction Interventions to help your family heal from the disease of addiction

Addiction Is A Family Disease Recent research into the treatment of addiction points to the fact that as addiction is a disease that affects the whole family, the whole family should be included in treatment. The success of family programs in addiction treatment is evidence of this. Alcohol and drug abuse not only harms the addict,Continue reading “Call Change your Direction Interventions to help your family heal from the disease of addiction”