What we miss when we focus on opioid treatment and recovery — Addiction & Recovery News

Fortunately, there’s been growing concern that advocates, policy makers, and media have to narrowly focused on the opioid crisis. Up to this point, it hasn’t reached the level of media coverage. USA Today is one of the first to publish an article that explores the limitations of the nation’s focus on opioid treatment and recovery: […]Continue reading “What we miss when we focus on opioid treatment and recovery — Addiction & Recovery News”

Just A Thought . . . — The Written Addiction

The thing about life is it’s enough to drive you crazy. The more we try to make sense of it all is the more we find ourselves insane while trying to understand why things happen. It is beyond me to know why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good. It […]Continue reading “Just A Thought . . . — The Written Addiction”

You Have To Breathe — The Written Addiction

There will be times when you don’t know what to do. Welcome to life. Welcome to adulthood. Welcome to parenthood and welcome to the world we live in. There will be days with no answers and days when it seems like the sky is falling. Or maybe the walls are closing in or floor beneath […]Continue reading “You Have To Breathe — The Written Addiction”

The life of addiction & Panic.. — dellartista

Living with or having a family member who is addicted is really hard. If you have someone you love dating an addict, that is hard as well. It is a hard and long road. It is such a drain in so many ways because you love them but you cannot stop them. You might find […]Continue reading “The life of addiction & Panic.. — dellartista”